What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security training in Bangalore is an important program as of now and it refers to the protect against cyberspace attacks directed at companies by hackers or compeitators, countries, and individuals. Cyber- attacks are diverse and sophisticated, and most of the companies are affected. As cyber-attack threats are on the high every part of the world and include all kind of companies as well as banks, job opportunities in this sector are rising rapidly. This is the most right for any individual to undergo Cyber Security training and we at People Technologies provides the best Cyber Security Training in Bangalore.

Cyber Security Syllabus (Total Duration-55hrs)

  • Module 1:

    • The Necessity of Information Security
    • Confidentiality
    • integrity and availability of Information Assets
    • Information Security,
    • Threats and Vulnerabilities
    • Information Security, and 10 Major Threats

  • Module 2:

    • Recent Threats and Countermeasures
    • Targeted Attacks
    • Invasion Routes for Targeted Attacks
    • Signatures of Targeted Attacks
    • Countermeasures for Targeted Attacks
    • Ransomware
    • Business Mail Fraud
    • Security Countermeasures

  • Module 3:

    • Importance of information security
    • threats to use of computers
    • Cyber Security User Account and Groups in detail
    • examples of information security damage and information security

  • Module 4:

    • Security measures in working style reform
    • Working style reforms
    • Working style reform and ICT utilization
    • Security measures
    • Case study.

  • Module 5:

    • Unauthorized Access Overview
    • Unauthorized Acces
    • Unauthorized Access Approach
    • Unauthorized Access Prohibited Act

  • Module 6:

    • Desktop security measures
    • Utilization of password
    • Utilization of file access right
    • Other technical measures

  • Module 7:

    • Anti -virus software
    • What is a computer virus
    • Anti-virus software
    • Preventive measures guidelines

  • Module 8:

    • Security measures by cryptographic technology
    • measures against threats on the network
    • use of cryptographic technology and cryptographic technology

  • Module 9:

    • Corporate Ethics
    • Security Policy
    • Environment and Security Policy Surrounding Companies

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